Queens Koreans on the Trump-Kim Summit

In Singapore (Photo from the White House via Queens Chronicle)

Earlier this year, when Queens Chronicle’s Ryan Brady spoke to Queens residents and Korean immigrants Ellen Kang and Ted Han, they vehemently opposed the involvement of North Korea in the Winter Olympics and a month later, Kang called on the U.S. to attack the country. It comes as little surprise then that they did not take well to the summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in Singapore on June 12 and the joint statement they signed in which North Korea stated its plans to denuclearize. In speaking to Brady, they expressed their lack of faith in the agreement.

According to Kang, Trump should have taken a tougher approach with Kim and been more skeptical of him.

“Kim Jong-un, he’s not going to denuclearaize — no, it’s not going to happen,” she said. “I know, I know it’s not going to happen. Trump still doesn’t know.”

Han, meanwhile, had written a letter to National Security Advisor John Bolton “advising him not to be fooled by Kim or Moon; he considers the South Korean leader the ‘ideological comrade’ of his Northern counterpart.”

“I feel betrayed by the president,” he said.

Han, whose Korean first name is Tai-Kyuk, has paid for bus shelter ads in recent years highlighting the strong alliance between the country he lives in and his native one.

“[Trump] betrayed many, many Korean conservative people,” Han said.

As for the joint statement, Han was critical of its lack of details on how the denuclearization of North Korea would be done and how that would be verified.

For Assemblyman Ron Kim on the hand, the summit was “the first step of a longer journey.” Read more remarks from all three at Queens Chronicle.

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