‘They Always Give the Delivery Guys a Problem’

Fort Hamilton Army Base by Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights in Brooklyn (Photo by Stefano Giovannini via Brooklyn Daily)

On June 9, more than a week after Pablo Villavicencio was detained by ICE while delivering pizza to the Fort Hamilton Army Base in Brooklyn, a federal judge temporarily blocked the deportation of the Ecuador native until a court hearing scheduled for July 20. In a story that appeared in Brooklyn Daily, Julianne McShane speaks to employees of area eateries who allege that Fort Hamilton guards “routinely give a tough time to local deliverymen — especially those who are non-white.”

A waitress at Campania, a pizzeria at Fourth Avenue and 99th Street, said their Arab deliverymen hate going to the base for daily deliveries because they feel targeted by the guards.

“They always give the delivery guys a problem — it’s the same kids who deliver every day, but they still give them a hard time,” said Brittany Ryan. “Mostly they do it to the Arab kids, and most of them don’t like to go to the base because of that.”

Ryan said the guards at the base search the deliverymen and their cars exhaustively — even though the guards know the same few deliverymen who make the routine visits.

“They stop them, they search their cars, they make them step out — even though they deliver every day,” she said. “It’s bull—-. They get a $1, $2 tip. It’s not even worth it half the time.”

Go to Brooklyn Daily to find out when such treatment started happening and what some businesses say they do to avoid going through the extensive searches.

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