‘Blacks vs. Latinos’ Thanks to Trump?

(Images via The Amsterdam News)

Is the Trump administration, through its racist and anti-immigrant policies, setting up a “Blacks versus Latinos” fight? Kyana Harris and Nayara Arinde pose the question in The Amsterdam News, as they explore what some commentators are referring to as the “Oppression Olympics.” The conversation, they say, has picked up in the wake of the recent “zero tolerance” policy which separated immigrant children from their parents.

Although a number of immigration activists are arguing that we’re all immigrants, African-Americans do not consider forced migration as parallel to choosing to come to America.

“The Oppression Olympics divide people into dozens of categories, resulting from the intersection of divisions by gender, ethnicity and sexuality, thus fracturing society along multiple fault lines,” said TaraElla, singer-songwriter and author in a Medium article.

The writers interviewed a number of people to elicit their views on this topic.

Several students from Howard University shared their stance on the immigration crisis with the Amsterdam News. Emanuel Okusanya said, “I agree that what’s happening is tragic, but a part of me doesn’t feel like it’s our fight. Blacks have always helped other communities during their struggle, only to be left in the dirt time and time again. Like I can stand up for y’all, but I’m not gonna be on the front lines, because it wouldn’t be reciprocated.”

Other people interviewed stressed the experiences that bind different people of color together.

Brittany Ohalete noted that a protracted hostile discussion leaves no opportunity for intersection. She asked about the immigrants who are of African descent and the Afro-Latinx community. “Do they have to pick a side, or simply stay out of the fight?” she asked. “I feel like as people in general, we shouldn’t always think like ‘I’ll help you, if you help me.’”

She added, “We’d be better off as a society if we just stood up for each other, regardless of the situation.”

Go to The Amsterdam News for more views on this debate.

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