Cold Korean Dishes to Beat the Heat

Digging into a cool dish at the Coffee Factory in Flushing (Photo via The Korea Times)

During the current heat wave, the sale of Naengmyeon (cold noodles) in Korean restaurants has more than doubled, The Korea Times reported.

According to the Kum Gang San restaurant in Flushing, the most popular menu item has been Naengmyeon in recent days, as orders more than doubled. Even other customers, including Chinese, ordered Naengmyeon.

The manager at Kum Gang San said, “Although there are still about 10 days until Chobok (July 17), the hottest period of summer, the number of customers who are looking for Naengmyeon and Samgyetang (Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup) has surged thanks to the early heat.” He added: “Naengmyeon and Samgyetang are the best summer food to cool the heat.”

“One-third of the customers ordered Naengmyeon and Kongguksu,” said a manager at The Kunjip in Manhattan’s Koreatown. [Kongguksu are noodles in cold soy milk broth.] “When the heat wave starts, the foot traffic will decrease, but the customers looking for Naengmyeon, Kongguksu and Ssambap [a lettuce wrap] will surge.”

The manager at Hahm Ji Bach, a restaurant in Flushing, said, “Yesterday and today, half of our customers ordered Naengmyeon, [including the varieties] Mul-naengmyeon and Bibim-naengmyeon… This has continued all day.”

On the same day, the sales of ice coffee, ice cream, Bingsu [a shaved iced dessert] in Korean bakeries and cafes such as Paris Baguette, Caffé Bene and Coffee Factory also increased. Especially, according to the Coffee Factory in Flushing, the sales of Bingsu which on that day more than tripled.


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