First Latino Burger Chain in the U.S. Sizzles in Westchester

Moisés Mera, a chef specializing in Argentine cuisine and the owner of the best restaurants of this type in Westchester, has now founded the first Latino burger chain, called Gaucho Burger Company. Based in White Plains, the eatery serves 100 percent Argentine beef patties, and Mera says that he is sure no one will be able to beat his flavors.

The burgers the chef serves at the restaurant, located at 66-68 Mamaroneck Ave. in White Plains, feature a combination of high quality ingredients and the classic chimichurri sauce.

“We are creating the first Argentine burger with 100 percent Argentine beef and the most expensive fat in the world in order to give it the most delicious flavor in the world,” said the owner of five famous Westchester eateries.

Moisés Mera, founder of burger chain Gaucho Burger Company. (Photo via Westchester Hispano)

Sixteen years ago, Mera opened Tango Grill, the first Argentine restaurant in White Plains, followed by Gaucho Grill, Milonga and a classic Italian restaurant. Gaucho Burger Company is the first Argentine burger chain, as all other similar eateries serve U.S. meat.

Gaucho Burger also offers a variety of sandwiches with chimichurri – such as the gaucho cubano, the chicken sandwich, and the pork sandwich – served with sides not found at a typical U.S. burger joint.

“We have yucca fries, sweet plantains, tostones [fried plantains], sweet potatoes, and have added a sensible salad menu,” explained the Colombian chef, entrepreneur and promoter.

The menu also features desserts such as tres leches, rolled Argentinean creams with dulce de leche topped with vanilla ice cream, and passion fruit flan, as well as tiramisu, cheesecake and bread pudding with cranberries, strawberries and cherries, topped with ice cream.

In the evening, they offer grilled skirt and flank steak and short ribs, as prepared in Argentina.

Mera came to the United States 30 years ago. He wells up and speaks in a nostalgic tone about how he arrived “with $200 in my pocket, one pair of pants and one shirt, and so far we have been featured four times in The New York Times with four stars. We have created [restaurants with] completely innovative themes. It took a Colombian man who fell in love with Argentine food to have the first Argentine restaurant here in Westchester,” he said about his first creation, Tango Grill.


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  1. The food is great, and Moises is a very nice guy great service.
    I enjoyed my burger and fries

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