Guatemalan Mom Reunites with Her Children in NYC

On Tuesday, Guatemalan mother Yeni González reunited in New York City with her three children, whom she had not been able to see since they were torn from her arms at the U.S.-Mexico border. Gonzalez’s tears showed her emotions during the few minutes she was given to hug her children again at the Cayuga Centers in East Harlem, where they are under the care of federal authorities.

With the support of Rep. Adriano Espaillat, she traveled for four days from Arizona to the Big Apple to face a family reunification process that is ongoing. “I am happy and grateful to God,” she said as she waved goodbye to the hundreds of followers who (…) yelled out words of support.

Deyuin, 6, Jamelin, 9, and Lester, 11, will not be able to go back to their mother until the legal reunification process is finalized. The federal government, who sent them to this reception center, will continue to be in charge of them, as is the case with some 300 other children sent to New York.

While the reunification process takes time, Gonzalez is not losing hope and said that she will make good on the promise she made to her children before they were separated: “I promised them that I would find them.”

Gonzalez’s case is one of the most important on Rep. Espaillat’s agenda. The three children are staying at the Cayuga Centers, which is located in the district he represents. The legislator, who is Dominican, plans to continue working with a legal team until the family is reunited.

“Today was indeed an emotional day as Yeni Gonzalez was able to see her children,” said Espaillat. “My office was notified of this family’s separation last week, and my staff worked diligently with the Cayuga Centers to ensure Yeni was able to speak with her children over the weekend leading up to today’s in-person meeting.”

Espaillat also said that he is helping three other families in the same situation, and advocating for the process to be expedited and have the families reunited as soon as possible. He stressed the need to offer opportunities to new immigrants coming to the country, particularly in the spirit of the 4th of July.

“Our work continues to keep families together and we will bring an end to the Trump administration’s horrific attacks on immigrant families,” said Espaillat.

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