Three-Day Festival Celebrates Afro-Latin Culture

At the fourth Afro-Latino Festival in 2016. (Photo by Alex Ayala for Voices of NY)

Between July 13 and 15 the sixth annual Afro-Latino Festival NYC will offer outdoor concerts, screenings of more than 12 movies as part of the Liberación Film Festival, and a series of conferences (“Afrolatin Talks”) in collaboration with digital platform OkayAfrica.

The festival will recognize posthumously the work of Brazilian activist and legislator Marielle Franco and Afro-Colombian activist Bernardo Cuero Bravo. Participants will include Afro-Brazilian dancer Ingrid Silva and actor Elvis Nolasco with musical performances by Dominican singer Amara La Negra, Puerto Rican band Tribu de Abrante and Colombian bands Profetas and Palma Chonta, among others.

“Since the festival’s beginnings we have presented Afro-Latin culture from multiple angles. We have highlighted the traits that distinguish and make our heritage unique, but we have also brought to the table for discussion the problems affecting the community through conferences with experts,” said Amilcar Priestley, the festival’s co-director along with Mai-Elka Prado Gil.

Priestley explained that this year’s festival revolves around the theme “Identity and Beyond” (…)

“We can’t just say that we are Afro Latinos and leave it there. We must see what lies beyond assuming an identity. Among the subjects that we will approach in the conferences are ‘Race, ethnicity and justice systems,’ not only in Latin America but also North America, and also ‘Census, identity and resources.’’’

To view a photo essay with audio interviews at the Afro-Latino Festival held in 2016, click here.

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