African Head Sculptures ‘Adorn’ Brooklyn Park

Tanda Francis and her sculpture Adorn Me, on view at Fort Greene Park (Photo by Nathan Haselby via Bklyner)

On Aug. 25, South Slope-based artist Tanda Francis presented three African head sculptures made of concrete and steel and measuring 8′ x 15′ in size at the entrance of Fort Greene Park where they will be on view for one year. The South Slope-based artist speaks to Bklyner‘s Pamela Wong about the work entitled “Adorn Me.”

“I decided I wanted to put a piece here because I’d been doing these African heads and I wanted to put [one] in this spot, a site where there are a lot of people who are of African descent,” Francis explained to Bklyner. “I felt it was important to show something with some kind of majesty for our people.”

The faces represent Francis’ alter ego.

As in her earlier work, Everyone Breaks, Francis incorporates tribal markings onto the three faces of Adorn Me. “[The markings] really show people where you’re from,” she explained, “This is the purpose, traditionally, of these markings—[to show] this is my tribe…”

Read more from Francis, including how the headdress on top of the sculpture is linked to gentrification, at Bklyner.

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