AmNews Endorses Cuomo, Williams, and James

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Jumaane Williams and Letitia James (Photos by Pat Arnow/Flickr, Bill Moore, via Amsterdam News)

Having spoken with and interviewed numerous candidates for public office, the editorial board of the New York Amsterdam News offered its primary endorsements for the top three New York State positions on August 23. Noting that activist Cynthia Nixon is “passionate, capable, knowledgeable, compassionate,” and that incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo “has been saddled with scandal in his second term in office and has proved that he works well with others only when they play according to his rules,” the Black-owned and operated publication nonetheless endorsed Cuomo for re-election, stating that…

…there is something to say for [his] experience and the ability to get things done. And Andrew Cuomo as governor certainly has gotten things done. He signed into law the $15 minimum wage, championed the Marriage Equality Act, the Paid Family Leave and the Safe Act.

He has fought against homelessness and launched a plan to increase access to affordable housing.

He has set the nation’s highest goal for MWBE procurement at 30 percent. And he has launched an infrastructure investment program of more than $100 billion that has and continues to create jobs across the state, while at the same time modernizing New York’s transportation systems (although the MTA still has a lot of work to go).

The paper said that, just as Nixon has pushed the governor to do better, the editorial page “will continue to push him forward for the next four years to make this state better. We will not sit back. It is our hope that he will once and for all kill the IDC; be a real leader on environmental issues and not play it safe for the sake of votes; protect our youth in prison; and give Raise the Age more teeth and attention.”

City Council member Jumaane Williams got the Amsterdam News’ nod for Lieutenant Governor over incumbent Kathy Hochul. She told the paper’s editorial board that she felt her role is to “be the eyes and ears of the governor and to champion his signature issues.” But the Amsterdam News said much more is needed from the position.

[Williams] would make the lieutenant governor’s office into that of a public advocate and an ombudsman of sorts. He believes that the office could be so much more than what it is and that from the seat he could hold the legislature and the governor accountable.

Williams, the paper said in its endorsement, has a proven track record of working on behalf of his community, district, Brooklyn and New York City residents. He would be dedicated to being the “eyes and ears” of the people throughout the state, not just for the governor.

Finally, the Amsterdam News endorsed Letitia James as Democratic candidate for Attorney General. The paper noted her strong record “as a public defender, as first assistant attorney general (so she has actual experience in the office), as a council person and currently as public advocate.” Go to the Amsterdam News to find out why the paper singled out Zephyr Teachout, also running the AG Democratic nomination, for particular praise, and why they seemed to suggest that a win by her would be equally acceptable.

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