In 2018, Latinos Worry Less about Terrorism and More about Immigration

(Photo by Maite Junco/Voices of NY)

The following is a summary of an El Diario story by Jesús García on how the important issues for Latinos 50 and older have changed since 2016.

Two years into the Trump administration, Latinos’ worries heading into the next midterm election have changed compared to 2016, when the economy, health care and terrorism were the three number one issues listed in several polls. Now, immigration issues are the second most important issue for Hispanics, according to a poll by AARP and Univision.

The study, which took place in Arizona, California and Florida, revealed that the economy remains the number one issue, followed by immigration and health care. A recent Pew analysis found that immigration was the seventh most important issue for voters in general, in a list that is also topped by the economy and health care.

The poll focuses on people 50 years and older, which is considered the group that votes the most. “Older Hispanics vote en masse, and political candidates cannot afford to ignore such an important bloc of the electorate in those key states,” said Belén Mendoza, AARP’s vice president for campaigns.


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