Will NYS Turn to Immigration Issues?

State Senator-elect Andrew Gounardes, right, thanks supporters following his victory over incumbent Marty Golden yesterday. (Photo by Kelly Mena via Kings County Politics.)

Democrats won control of the New York State Senate on Nov. 6, and now long-blocked immigration-related legislation may move forward, writes Felipe De La Hoz in Documented. Now, with Democrats like Andrew Gounardes, who defeated incumbent state Sen. Marty Golden, headed for Albany, the party will have full control of the chamber for the first time in more than a decade.

A host of immigration reforms passed by the state Assembly that died in the Senate now have a second chance.  First, likely, is the New York State DREAM Act, which seeks to allow the state’s undocumented students to access certain educational grants and awards, including participation in the state Tuition Assistance Program. Other priorities include providing access to state drivers’ licenses regardless of immigration status, prohibiting ICE from entering state courthouses, and expanding access to health programs for immigrants.

But De La Hoz goes on to note that “immigration is only one of several stagnant issues that a Democrat-controlled State Senate would desperately want to move forward.” Go to Documented to read about those other issues, including New York’s outdated voting system.

And read about the blue wave that swept South Brooklyn – and Staten Island – in Kings County Politics.

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