Helping Immigrants, ‘While They Wait’

Nilda and her son Keyden. (From the website While They Wait)

A new campaign, “While They Wait,” has been launched by Brooklyn Defender Services, RAICES Texas, and the ACLU of Southern California, to raise money to support the cost of living and legal fees for immigrants who must wait nearly two years for their cases to reach immigration court. The campaign is accompanied by a haunting music video produced by benny blanco, Calvin Harris, and Miguel, called “I Found You/Nilda’s Story,” reports Isabella Herrera of Remezcla.

Unfolding with all the power and heartbreak of a feature-length documentary, the moving clip chronicles the story of Nilda, an Honduran mother, and her two-year-old son Keyden, who are seeking asylum after escaping domestic and gang violence. In 2018, Nilda was separated from Keyden at the border in Texas for two months, and she was subsequently held in five different detention centers across the country.

The video closes with a view of Nilda, wearing an ankle monitor, playing with her son.

The website for While They Wait notes that 311,000 people are waiting for a decision regarding their asylum applications, and 92,000 parents living with their children in the U.S. have ongoing immigration cases.

Nonetheless, the site notes, “hundreds of thousands of immigrants face deportation alone, without an attorney.” Stating that “the time is now to stand with families and individuals facing immigration consequences,” the site offers a petition to sign to demand that the U.S. provide a right to counsel in immigration proceedings.

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