(Photo by Flickr/ouiji via Feet in 2 Worlds)

Podcast: Not Just Immigration for Latino Voters

Elections 2012, Latino, Politics October 15, 2012 at 4:42 pm

Feet in 2 World’s John Rudolph talks with Chung-Wha Hong of the New York Immigration Coalition and Mark Hugo Lopez of the Pew Hispanic Center about issues of vital importance to Latino voters.

Latinos Support Embattled Long Island Official Mark Bonilla

Latinos Support Embattled Long Island Official Mark Bonilla

Latino, Long Island, Politics October 15, 2012 at 12:40 pm

Carrying posters with slogans like “Don’t resign” and “No justice, no peace,” more than 50 Latinos gathered to show their support for Hempstead Town Clerk Mark Bonilla, who was arrested last month on charges of official misconduct, harassment and attempted robbery, Noticia reported.

Photo by Eileen Delhi, Flickr Creative Commons

Opinion: Girls, the Poorest of Them All

Culture, Latino, New York, Opinion October 11, 2012 at 11:54 am

El Diario La Prensa columnist Dolores Prida joins the first-ever International Day of the Girl celebration and calls for a century of global indignation and action about the plight of female children around the globe.

Katherine Tabares (Photo by Peter Moskowitz)

Immigrant’s Success Comes at a Price

Education, Featured Posts, Immigration, Latino, Video October 10, 2012 at 12:20 pm

Like so many children of immigrant parents, Katherine Tabares, 17, has found opportunities in the U.S. she wouldn’t have had back home. A first-generation immigrant from Colombia, she is the first person in her family to attend college. But for Tabares to be where she is, the family has had to make many sacrifices.

Minority students will have a better shot at the city's elite high school, including Stuyvesant High School. (Photo Victor Matos via El Diario)

Elite High Schools Now Within Latinos’ Reach

African American, Education, Latino October 9, 2012 at 3:52 pm

A new Department of Education program offers academic support to help low-income students gain admission to the city’s top public high schools, and in the process increase diversity at the schools, El Diario La Prensa reported.

Sonia Manzano, who played Maria on "Sesame Street," was the keynote speaker at the Comadres y Compadres Writers Conference. (Photo by Sierra Leone Starks)

Latino Writers Address Publishing Challenges

Brooklyn, Culture, Economy, Featured Posts, Latino October 9, 2012 at 2:17 pm

Latino writers, including actress-turned-writer Sonia Manzano, who played Maria on “Sesame Street,” talked about the many challenges they face getting their work noticed in the publishing world at the first ever Comadres y Compadres Writers Conference in Brooklyn.

Venezuelan New Yorkers can vote in Sunday's presidential elections back home at the Consulate.

NY Venezuelans Vote at Consulate to Keep or Boot Chavez

Latino, Politics, South American October 5, 2012 at 3:27 pm

Venezuelan New Yorkers share their thoughts on Sunday’s elections back home when President Hugo Chavez will face his strongest challenge in 14 years in power, El Diario La Prensa reported.

Mexican Pesos Accepted in Brooklyn

Mexican Pesos Accepted in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, Economy, Featured Posts, Latino, Mexican October 3, 2012 at 1:26 pm

A store in Brooklyn has decided to accept Mexican pesos, bringing back a practice that however rare dates back four centuries, El Diario La Prensa reported.

William Espinal, who owns a butcher shop in La Marqueta, is opposed to the proposed district change. (Photo Saundi Wilson via El Diario)

La Marqueta May End Up Outside of El Barrio

El Barrio residents are upset that La Marqueta, long an emblem of Latino life in New York, might end up outside of Spanish Harlem if the new City Council proposed lines are approved, El Diario La Prensa reported.

Councilman Daniel Dromm called for a better count of Asian Americans. (Photo via Queens Tribune)

Hurdles to Political Empowerment

Asian, Latino, Politics October 1, 2012 at 2:41 pm

Voter eligibility and a lack of detailed Census demographic data are a challenge to the empowerment of immigrant communities in Queens, the Queens Tribune reported in two separate articles.

From left to right, Dayanara Reyes, Ramon Ponce, and Donaldo Reyes prepare for a performance in Manhattan in June 2012. Dayanara and Donaldo are Ramon’s students at the Mariachi Academy of New York. (Photo by Justin Mitchell via Fi2W)

Mariachi Music Connects Young Mexicans To Their Roots

Culture, Mexican, New York September 28, 2012 at 3:31 pm

A Mexican New Yorker is using mariachi music to help connect the new generation of Mexican immigrants with the rich culture of their homeland, reports Feet in 2 Worlds in a podcast.

Juan Gonzalez

Juan Gonzalez’s Book-Turned-Film on Latinos Opens in NY

Latino, Media September 27, 2012 at 11:01 am

“Harvest of Empire,” a film based on the book by the same title by journalist Juan Gonzalez, about the history of Latinos in this country and the U.S. role in creating the political and economic problems than has lead millions of Latin Americans to come to the U.S., opens in New York Sept. 28.

Opinion: We need to re-invent contraceptive Plan A

Education, Latino, Opinion September 27, 2012 at 9:51 am

Dolores Prida discusses Plan B (the morning-after-pill), Latina teens and calls for revamping Plan A in her weekly opinion column in El Diario La Prensa.

Delfino Díaz sells tamales and hot drinks in East Harlem.

End of Summer Means Menu Switch for Street Vendors

Food, Latino September 25, 2012 at 10:45 am

As the autumn coolness settles in, mangoes and refreshing fruit juices are out for street vendors, giving way to warm tamales, coffee and churros, El Diario La Prensa reports.

A domino tournament when elders had access to Wallenberg Playground. (Photo via El Diario)

Seniors Want Their Rec Center Back

Communities, Latino September 24, 2012 at 4:18 pm

Senior citizens who used to play dominoes at a recreation center in a Washington Heights playground until they were banned by the Department of Parks want to get their access back, El Diario La Prensa reports.