Revson Covering NYC

Anthony Weiner, new entrant into the New York City mayoral race, has promised to make the city more affordable for middle class workers.  (Photo by Azi Paybarah, Flickr Creative Commons License)

Weiner Speaks to Black Community

Former U.S. representative Anthony Weiner, disgraced in a “sexting” scandal two years ago, kicked off his campaign to become mayor of New York by promising to be an “inclusive” leader who will look out for the interests of the working poor and the middle class.

Teetering Support for an NYPD Inspector General

Teetering Support for an NYPD Inspector General

Considering the widespread criticism of the city’s stop-and-frisk policy, as well as the unchecked surveillance of Muslim residents, some have called for an inspector general to oversee the NYPD. In this article, originally published in the Amsterdam News on April 11, city officials and mayoral candidates explain their reasons to support or oppose the idea.