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Gigi Li with her supporters at a fundraising event in Chinatown. (Photo by Rong Xiaoqing via Sing Tao Daily)

Gigi Li Off the Ballot for District Leader

Government, Manhattan August 4, 2015 at 5:44 pm

…o qualify for the ballot. I want to be clear that the accusations of fraud are false and played no role in my withdrawal,” Li said in the statement. Jenifer Rajkumar with her lawyer former state Sen. Martin Connor. (Photo by Rong Xiaoqing via Sing Tao Daily) Li being disqualified made many of her supporters shocked and disappointed. Some said this is her first attempt to run for an elected political position (community board chairs are named by…

Left to right: Rong Xiaoqing, Erica Pearson, Jehangir Khattak (Photo by Jiwon Choi for Voices of NY)

How the Media Covers Immigration Issues

Featured Posts, Immigration, Media, Voices' Picks February 13, 2014 at 8:04 pm

…ia at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism on February 13, a panel of three journalists who report daily on immigrant issues shared their observations, trials and tribulations covering immigrant stories. The panel included Rong Xiaoqing, a reporter at Chinese newspaper Sing Tao Daily, Erica Pearson, a reporter at the New York Daily News, and Jehangir Khattak, Senior Editor at Voices of NY and Communications Director of the Center for Community…

Street artist (Photo by Rong Xiaoqing via Open City)

From China to the US – The Story of a Chinese Name

East Asian, Immigration, New York June 7, 2016 at 6:20 pm

…her name had been pronounced as “soaking wrong.” In Chinese, the name involves two of the most complicated characters in the simplified Chinese writing system, baffling quite a few native speakers. In a piece for Open City, Rong Xiaoqing recounts the challenges of having a name like hers, both in the U.S. and in her native China. “Rong Xiaoqing” written in Chinese (Image via Open City) While growing up in China, the Sing Tao Daily…

(Photo by Orin Hassan, Creative Commons License)

Confronting Mental Health Issues at Stuyvesant

Asian, Best of 2014, Education, Featured Posts, Voices' Picks January 21, 2014 at 9:31 pm

…d ask each other what they got on every test,” said Noguchi. “I recall that competition was not something that I was particularly fond of and it got to me at certain times.” Stuyvesant High School Commencement 2013 (Photo by Rong Xiaoqing via Sing Tao Daily) Wenshan Shih, Noguchi’s mother and a professor of Asian Studies at St. John’s University, remembers when her son began at Stuyvesant, his grades started to drop. He was more and more silent,…

The trio with their teacher, Daisy Wu. (Photo by Rong Xiaoqing via Sing Tao Daily)

Non-Chinese Trio Triumphs Playing Chinese Instruments

Culture, East Asian, New York August 26, 2016 at 2:47 pm

…nd they all played western instruments before their fingers began to move over the strings of the guzheng, which may have helped them to pick up the new set of skills quickly. The trio with their teacher, Daisy Wu. (Photo by Rong Xiaoqing via Sing Tao Daily) To Lopez, learning Chinese was exactly what led him to the instrument. Born in Puerto Rico, Lopez, a psychology major, started to learn the language in his sophomore year. One day, he bumped…

Amy Chin looking at the document her family keeps. (Photo by Rong Xiaoqing via Sing Tao Daily)

The Unspoken History of a Chinese Family

…lined. The family later bought a property nearby. Now she knows the reason she didn’t end up growing up in the government building is because it had a “white only” policy at the time. A page from the coaching book. (Photo by Rong Xiaoqing via Sing Tao Daily) The coaching book, likely from the 1920s, has the questions that an immigration officer might ask printed in Chinese translation that was in the language style of that era. The answers were…

The March 28 forum was held at the New York City Bar Association. (Photo by Rong Xiaoqing via Sing Tao Daily)

Liang Case Triggers a Conversation Between Two Communities 

African American, East Asian, New York, Police March 29, 2016 at 6:37 pm

…216;I just got here’ and ‘I’ve been here for hundreds of years’,” said Rev. DeGraff. “My pain is not greater than your pain. We are in this together.”   A sidebar story, also by Rong Xiaoqing, found that some audience members have mixed opinions on the prospect of reconciliation and collaboration between the two communities: Doug Lee, an organizer of the protest against Liang’s conviction on…

Michael Limb, chair of Nassau County's Asian Economic Advisory Commission (Photo by Rong Xiaoqing via Sing Tao Daily)

A Chinatown on Long Island?

East Asian, Featured Posts, Long Island, Real Estate January 21, 2015 at 12:51 pm

…some private owners. They only want to lease and don’t want to sell. That’s not going to work unless it’s a 90-year lease,” said Limb. Michael Limb, chair of Nassau County’s Asian Economic Advisory Commission (Photo by Rong Xiaoqing via Sing Tao Daily) Now he is eying some distressed properties such as the buildings belonging to the long-closed Fortunoff department store and a hotel that has filed for bankruptcy. But he has to wait for the…

Roy Flores, a Filipino singer who just "came out" to his parents, sung at the VIP preview held a day before the opening. (Photo by Rong Xiaoqing via Sing Tao Daily)

Photos Demonstrate Love in Asian LGBTQ Families

Asian, In the News, LGBTQ June 16, 2014 at 6:10 pm

…inese-American chef Anita Lo and Chinese-American designer Peter Som. The family portraits focus on LGBTQ couples enjoying life with their parents and relatives. Aries Liao announcing the opening of the exhibition. (Photo by Rong Xiaoqing via Sing Tao Daily) Aries Liao of the Asian Pride Project who helped organize the exhibition said it was not easy to recruit families. Although more and more Asian families have accepted their LGBTQ members, to…

Chinese immigrants loathe to seek mental health help

Uncategorized April 23, 2003 at 12:00 am

When Dr. Yuanxia Zhang opened his office two years ago in Flushing, New York, he dreamed of becoming a successful psychologist for the Chinese community. But while a very harsh New York winter, the war with Iraq and the spreading of the SARS disease brought many gloomy faces to the streets of Chinatown, and the temples, churches, even the voodoo priests all found themselves more popular than ever, Dr. Zhang’s office is still as empty as it was….

(left photo by Brian Jeffery Beggerly, Creative Commons license, right photo by Phil Davis, Creative Commons license)

An Immigrant Returns: Comparing Bike Cultures

…it was clear that many bikes seen on the streets in Beijing and other cities have the same designs. The bikes belong to the now ubiquitous bike sharing programs that barely existed during my previous visit in 2008. Reporter Rong Xiaoqing in Chinatown, NY (Photo by Julius Motal for Voices of NY) As a resident of New York familiar with the Citi Bike program, bike sharing is not a foreign concept for me. Although it is too far and too dangerous…

Nam Wah Tea Parlor on Doyers St. in New York's Chinatown (Photo by Julius Motal for Voices of NY)

An Immigrant Returns: How to Preserve the Past?

…ng, and the breakfast chain Yonghe King, seem to be growing even faster than the foreign ones. (At least one such chain, Hai Di Lao, a hotpot brand that boasts of high quality services, has opened a branch in L.A.). Reporter Rong Xiaoqing in Chinatown, NY (Photo by Julius Motal for Voices of NY) Travel the ultra-efficient subways and high-speed train links that look identical in just about every major city, emerge in a familiar urban landscape,…

Diners at a restaurant in Beijing. (Photo by kattebelletje, Creative Commons license)

An Immigrant Returns: Feeling Like a Tourist

….S. with my sister, I found myself a tourist in my home country. I wondered whether I was that different from the foreigners who snap pictures and stare open-mouthed at the giant flashing billboards in Times Square. Reporter Rong Xiaoqing in Chinatown, NY (Photo by Julius Motal for Voices of NY) Dinners out with uncles, aunts, cousins and old friends were warm and cozy as I expected. No forced smiles, no awkward silences, and no calculated…

Asians React to Jeb Bush’s ‘Anchor Babies’ Remarks

Asians React to Jeb Bush’s ‘Anchor Babies’ Remarks

East Asian, New York September 1, 2015 at 12:58 pm

…avisky who asked for an immediate apology. “Bush’s comment that makes all Asians aliens cannot be tolerated,” said Ron Kim. “His comment is ignoring what Asians have contributed in the U.S.” But Rong Xiaoqing in Sing Tao Daily noted that many Republican Chinese, who met Bush’s son Jeb Bush Jr. in a Chinatown meeting on Aug. 21, don’t think Bush’s words will cost him support from the Chinese community: Long Deng,…

Jie Zhang at the New York Military Academy. (Photo via World Journal)

Military School Woos Chinese Students

East Asian, Education, Metro Area September 6, 2016 at 3:31 pm

…itation. So for her the opportunity to switch gears from the public sector to the private sector happened at the right time with the right person. In a second World Journal story, also written by Yingzi Yin and translated by Rong Xiaoqing, excerpted below, Zhang spoke about her experiences at Stuyvesant: Zhang, who had been working in public schools for 28 years, said she has had a history of taking new jobs during critical times. Graduating…